2017 Reflection…


What a flipping year…

I was going to do a ‘how to make a feather lampshade’ post today but something prompted me to go a bit deeper. 2017 is nearly over and, I kid you not, I am exhausted just thinking about it. 

There have been a mix of really great things, like getting a new ‘proper’ job, getting my masters degree finished (that was an absolute miracle in itself) buying a car – no longer a Ford KA owner, I’m now in the VW club (yesssss). Starting new friendships and making some great memories etc…Theres a whole bunch. I have also grown A LOT as a person and I am SO proud of some of the battles I have gone through and come out of. I can truly say that in those dark moments I’ve experienced, I have definitely changed for the better. While sometimes I wish I didn’t have to go through half of them, I’m actually not mad at them.

This isn’t a ‘look at me and my great life’ kinda post. No way. I have also experienced bad things this year, even now! (trust me, I’m a mess) – I’m not going to go into the details, but theres a few things I want to say about them.

I truly believe that God has a purpose for everything; in all situations, good and bad.

For me personally, I am in a phase of ‘waiting’. I am fully expectant for God to do incredible things in my life and to show me things I need to work on personally, but I also believe that there are things He has put on my heart that are there for a reason and that will come. I just need to be patient and focus on Him. 

God doesn’t change. While I can worry and cry and pray for things to happen, God is ultimately in control. Why should I have to fear and worry about my future, when I know that my creator has everything sorted already?

I’ve been listening to a lot of music recently, and one thing that I keep hearing that literally shouts at me everytime I hear it, is ‘You (God) won’t stop for nothing’. 


I haven’t run out of tokens, nor has anyone. God’s plan is perfect (AND SO IS HIS TIMING!!! – note to self) and His love for me is beyond my understanding – so why should I fear anything? He is working behind the scenes in places I don’t even know about, and He will reveal it to me when the time is right. And boy will it be good!

You may not be religious and not believe in God – I fully respect that – but I’m just saying, on a personal level, that knowing I have God going before me, gives me peace. On the other hand, if you do believe in God, just have peace and be encouraged that God hasn’t left you. My lovely cousin Steph sent me a message today and it really hit the nail on the head – it even made me cry at work (which I don’t recommend!) ‘When you feel like God is far, the reason He whispers is because He is actually close by.’

Let go of your worries and rest in the fact that YOU ARE NOT IN CONTROL. 


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