DIY Feather Lamp Shade


Feather lamp shades are a great accessory to add to a minimal bedroom, and the thing that I love about this is that it makes my room look glam and bang on trend (check it out here), yet it cost me less than a tenner!

Keep reading if you want to know how to make this DIY Feather Lamp Shade.

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The key to this is to NOT get all perfectionist on it. You all know how much of a perfectionist I can be, so I learnt the hard way, but it really isn’t necessary. 

You will need: 

  • A glue gun – (with glue in it!)
  • A paper lampshade – (I got mine from Asda for £1.50 but you can also get them in IKEA for the same price)
  • Feather Boas – (I got mine from eBay – I got 3m but you could probably do with one more to thicken it up.)

So once you’ve got all ya gear, just glue 20-30cm sections, starting from the bottom (thats the bit people will see more of) then work your way round. The smaller sections you glue, the better it will stick on and the easier it will be to position the boa, so bare that in mind!

And that is literally it.

It took me the best part of 10 minutes, with about 30mins to dry and then it was up in all its glory. Don’t spend £30 odd on one from B&Q – it’s not worth it when you can make it for a fraction of the cost! 

If you make one of these, be sure to tag me in a photo of it (Instagram, here). Why not try it in another colour, or add some other details to it to jazz it up… the world is your oyster!



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