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Halier Product Review Classicnic

ok, I’m excited about this one. Hello Halier

Anything hair and beauty related is just an instant attraction for me, BUT when Halier contacted me about trying out some of their products I got super excited! I love a good product review so these new products got me feeling curious! Click here to see my Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation review…

Halier are a Polish hair company that are taking over the haircare scene in the rest of Europe. They aim to provide instant results for people who have a lot of fallout and who’s hair doesn’t seem to grow past a certain point. (ME!!) Fortesse shampoo an conditioner can be used by women with all hair types. The product revives dry, damaged, oily and prone to falling out hair. Check them out here!

My hair is annoying. It goes through cycles (like everyone else hair) where after a shower I can comb it through and boom, I have a whole wig of hair on the floor. Ok… maybe that’s a slight exaggeration but you get the picture – hair is supposed to stay on your head, right? Apart from that, it also doesn’t grow as fast as I would like, so when Halier products claimed they could be my solution, sure I was going to try it!!

Halier Product Review Classicnic

So this is how it looked when it arrived, the packaging is super simple, but looks elegant and you could tell it was going to be good quality. I loved the blue tissue inside and it also had a little bag of LOVELY smelling beads which, yes, I put them in my wardrobe to make my clothes smell of it haha.

In the box, I received a Fortesse shampoo and conditioner, and a months supply of Hairvity capsules.


halier product review classicnic

Fortesse is the shampoo and conditioner range by Halier which claims to strengthen and regenerate damaged hair from the inside. This is said to accelerate hair growth and slow down hair loss, while also adding volume and body.

Basically it turns you into Rapunzel.

These products do not contain sulphates which are linked to increasing skin sensitivity and also cell damage. As my hair is already damaged from daily life, i.e. curling, sun damage etc, I wanted to find a shampoo that didn’t add to the list of ‘hair villains’. Here it is.

My thoughts…

Okay so first, this bottle is 250ml and retails at £32. Yes, I understand it’s expensive, but I really rate it. This shampoo made my hair SO shiny, I can’t even. It also made my hair super weightless meaning its bouncy and full of volume and just flows nicely. You really don’t need a lot and it lathers up quite well so I can see this bottle lasting me a good month and a half to two months but I wash my hair every other day, so I guess it depends on you… The smell is also AMAZING – I can’t really describe it but I’ll have a go. It’s not fruity or floral but it smells like an elegant clean smell… I’m not so good at describing smells, maybe I should stop that before I say something stupid. Oh wait. 

halier product review classicnicAnyway, moving on to the conditioner. This bottle is 150ml which really isn’t that much at all. For £29 I feel like the bottle could be bigger, but whatever. In terms of the conditioner itself, a little goes a loooooong way. I found leaving it in for a few minutes allowed it to soak through from root to tip (yes you can use it all over – its not greasy at all, or drying!). My hair felt so soft after using this and a lot less tangle prone! The bottle claims to remove static but my hair doesn’t really get static so thats irrelevant. As far as conditioners go, this is a good one for sure, but I didn’t think it was amazing if that makes sense?


halier product review classicnic

Hairvity – Hair growth vitamins

I have tried hair vitamins before and the last time I did, I was not let down! (I used to use Hairfinity, let me know if you want to hear more!)

On first impressions, these were cute. They’re blue and they have the logo printed on it which makes them attractive BUT they smell bad! To be honest, most vitamins smell bad but once you get passed that, you’re okay.

Here’s what the website claims

Hairvity is an advanced product with Collagen + Amino-Complex™, a formula which has been developed to improve the condition of your hair and scalp. Hairvity ingredients make hair structure more flexible, stronger and resistant to breakage. Horsetail and biotin prevent split ends, excessive falling out and boost hair growth.

No matter if your hair is damaged by hormonal changes, using straightener, curler or colouring. All you need is two Hairvity capsules a day to enjoy healthy-looking hair from the follicles to the very ends!

For starters, I found that these capsules were quite big and I found I got quite a few stuck in my throat during the month I was taking them – if you don’t mind that then you are alright! Also, I did find that after taking two capsules a day, my scalp got quite dry and flakey (yuck!) so I reduced the dosage to one and day and I found that worked a lot better for me.

In terms of results, I know that the best way to take these kind of supplements is consistently for 3 months and then have a month or two break and then start again. This is how I saw a real difference when taking Hairfinity, however, I realise I only had a months worth to work with and actually, I am not disappointed. These retail at £22 and I think after 3 months, I would definitely see a dramatic difference. See Results section for more!


halier product review classicnic

Overall, the three products together have actually dramatically improved my hair. Although there are a few things that I didn’t necessarily like, I applaud Halier.

My hair has grown a lot more than it’s usual, and it feels so healthy. It’s bouncy and full of life and a lot less hair falls out after washing it which is a miracle. This product states that it can be used on all hair types which I am not 100% sold on, but I know that it works for fine, dry hair like mine.

If you have used these products, please let me know how you got on as I am very intrigued as to whether people got the same results as me. If so, Halier are definitely onto a winner and I wouldn’t be surprised to see this become a hit!

I hope this blog post/ review helped you and I look forward to hearing from you guys!

Thanks again Halier!!

These products were sent to me from Halier. Although I recieved these products for free, my review is 100% genuine and true to my experience.

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