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CONFESSION: Those who have seen me recently will know that my skin isn’t great at the moment.

I’m blaming hormones and stress because, for some wonderful reason, stress likes to make itself known on my face. I don’t know if this happens to anyone else, but when I’m stressed I can 100% guarantee you that my skin will break out. Queue the low budget skincare.

It is also a fact that drinking lots of water makes your skin clearer (click here to read more about how water changed my skin.), and it so happens that I’ve lost my water bottle. Classic. If you have any suggestions of pretty water bottle brands bla bla bla – please let me know! Help a girl out.

Let’s face it tho, breakouts are NOT the end of the world – especially when you have a killer skincare routine that keeps your skin looking fab…90% of the time.

Everyone has different skintypes, so some of these products may or may not work for you. I am in NO WAY claiming that these work for everyone. However, these products have been absolute saviours for my skin and they are products that I buy over and over again. They are also great buys because I don’t have to take out a mortgage every time I buy them! (Not dissing the pricey items by the way, I love them. But lets face it… #studentproblems)

Anyway, cracking on with life, here are my fave low budget skincare options.

NUMBER 1: GARNIER (SKIN NATURALS-Goodbye Dry) Softening Cleansing Lotion and Softening Toner.

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I used to be one of those girls who only took off their makeup with a makeup wipe and that was it. Side note: Girls – DON’T DO THAT. Cleansing your face after wearing makeup with a makeup wipe is not good for your skin as it doesn’t clean your face properly, and the left over makeup in your pores, stays there. Not good.

My skin used to be so bad all the time, I could never clear the spots and it just felt horrible 25/8. However, when I switched my daily routine to cleansing AND toning, my skin instantly changed. These two beauties are great for normal to dry skin (I have combination skin but mainly quite dry) and the cleanser takes off all my makeup – even the stubborn mascara, and leaves my skin feeling fresh. The next thing I do is use a cotton pad and go over my face with the toner. Let me tell you now, if you think you get all your makeup off with a cleanser, think again. The toner takes away any left over dirt and purifies your skin, unblocking your pores. I love this stuff because I find that a lot of toners leave my skin feeling like the sahara desert, but this one doesn’t at all.

GARNIER (SKIN NATURALS-Goodbye Dry) Softening Cleansing Lotion and Softening Toner. £3.29 & £3.26

Note: This stuff sells out quite a lot in places like boots, tesco etc so make sure you keep and eye out!

Number 2: NIVEA Pure and Natural – Regenerating Night Cream.


After cleansing and toning, MOISTURISE.

My skin gets so dry by the evening and often feels quite tight. This is when this beauty gets put to good use. This is honestly the best night cream I have ever used. The reason why I love it is because my skin feels moisturised and regenerated and just looks refreshed and glowy in the morning. Who doesn’t love that? I don’t know what kind of magic Nivea use in this cream but I can promise you, it won’t let you down!

NIVEA Pure and Natural – Regenerating Night Cream £3.99

Number 3: sCosmetics – OLIVE OIL Nourishing Body Cream.

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This was a random buy but boy was it a good one. I really needed a good body moisturiser as my skin gets soooo dry during the winter. As I was browsing tesco one day (shock), I came across this stuff. Now, being half Spanish, I know olive oil is liquid gold for absolutely everything, so I decided to give it a go. (plus it said on the tub ‘very dry skin’ PERFECT).

I wasn’t disappointed. Not only does it leave my skin feeling lovely and soft after using it, but it also smells AMAZING. Not going to lie, when I saw it was olive oil based, I wasn’t expecting the best smelling product, but it smells of summer. I kid you not, I was pleasantly surprised…plus the fact it was £2!! BARGAIN.COM 

I can’t actually find this product online but you can buy it in Tesco for £2.00.

Number 4: NEW TreacleMoon – My Coconut Island Hand and Nail Balm.

treaclemoon beauty classicnic blog

To be honest, I just got this to go in my bag because a.) I always need hand cream and b.) because it looks so cute and it’s coconut! If you’re like me and you love the smell of coconut, then look no further. This hand cream is so good just to have in your bag as its small and travel sized, but it also works. My hands aren’t necessarily dry so if you have dry hands, I would recommend The BodyShop’s Hemp Hand Cream, but this does the job. It protects from dryness, strengthens and conditions, and replenishes moisture. The only thing I would say about this stuff is – only use a tiny amount. A little goes a very long way and if you use too much, you’ll get that sticky feeling. Nobody likes that!

Anyway, for moisturised hands that smell like summers on the beach, this is your match.

TREACLEMOON – My Coconut Island Hand and Nail Balm £2.00


Number 5: L’oreal PURE CLAY – Detox Mask

pure clay loreal beauty classicnic blog


Definitely saving the best till last with this baby. I have used many face masks in my time, but this one is up the top in my favourites list. L’oreal have come up with a range of pure clay masks to target different skin problems and to get different results. I feel like everyone is banging on about charcoal face products at the moment so I had to try this one.

L’oreal claim that ‘The creamy texture detoxifies the skin’s surface by cleansing deep into the pores, leaving the skin looking clarified and beautified without drying it out.’

I 100% agree that this product does exactly that. You only need to apply a thin layer and it doesnt take too long to dry which is great. Not only that, but once the mask is dry, you can actually see all the impurities that have been drawn out of your pores (in the form of little black dots.) Once you take the mask off, your face actually feels SO soft, I can’t even describe to you the wonders that it does. Life changing.

The pot is supposed to have around 10 uses in it, but you can get way more out of it. It smells so fresh and ‘clean’ (I’m really rubbish with descriptive words) and I just genuinely LOVE this. Go and get it now, do yourself a favour. And a little hint, its on offer at the moment in Boots and Superdrug. You’re welcome. 

L’oreal PURE CLAY – Detox Mask £7.99


I hope this little mini review/ faves list helps you when you next think about trying out some new *low cost* skincare products. As I said before, some of these products may or may not work for you and this is purely just my opinion. Good skincare routines, along with a healthy diet and LOTS OF WATER, will encourage clearer and more radiant skin… Remember that!

Let me know if you would like any more info, or if there is anything you would like me to review. Also, remember to give me water bottle suggestions!

Ciao for now!


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