New Bedroom Decor

New bedroom decor

Oh hi again!

This post has been a LONG time coming, but this time away from blog writing etc has done a great load of good and I've got so much to show you guys. As you know, I moved about 2 months ago now and this was great because I got to do what I love best... bedroom decor! 

Our house got completely gutted and redecorated which is great because this meant that I could start from scratch. Not only that, but furniture too. I got rid of all the furniture from my old bedroom (if you want to see what it looked like, click here) and went to IKEA. My bank balance didn't like this, but it was much needed, and getting new bedroom decor actually made the move more bearable and also enjoyable! 


Anyway, I'll cut the crap - here is my new bedroom. Most of the furniture is from IKEA apart from the chairs (bargains from ebay, £7 each) and the mirror - also from eBay but not so much of a bargain... click here to buy.

The lamp shade is a DIY lampshade and I will write a blog post soon to show you how to make it and save yourself LOADS of money.

There are still a few bits and pieces I want to change and add to the room, but for the moment I am so pleased at how it's turned out.

I'll leave you with these pics for now, but if there is anything you would like me to cover or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! As I said earlier, I will go through how to make the lamp shade in the next blog post.

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