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classicnic blog

I’m back with a new blog! Oh my goodness gracious me, it’s been a long time since I have done this. So as you may know, I used to blog quite a lot and I flipping loved it. However, I had to stop for a while as I had a dissertation to write, work to go to etc etc. BUT, I then decided to do a Digital Marketing degree and suddenly my passion and drive for all this malarky is coming back.

This is why I have decided to go for it completely. New website and everything. Yes it has been expensive, time consuming and extremely confusing, but I am finally getting to grips and my baby is growing!

Why the new blog?

My aim for this blog is for me to have an outlet. I love reviewing products and doing mini tutorials (those who know me will know I am makeup OBSESSED) and I will also do lifestyle posts. Things like home decor posts (also obsessed with this) and thoughts and ideas posts where I can write about things on my mind. Eventually I will start creating youtube videos etc but at the moment I am only just getting started so bear with me! If you wanna read more about me, click here!

I am so excited to do this and hope you all get something from and enjoy my posts. Please make sure you subscribe to this website and follow my social media accounts to follow my journey. Please also comment to let me know what you think of the posts!

As for now, I will leave this quote with you.

Don’t let fear or insecurity stop you from trying new things. Believe in yourself. Do what you love. And most importantly, be kind to others, even if you don’t like them.

– Stacy London

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